Onstage - Van ProAm 2017

Hi! My name is Aisha. I am a bikini fitness athlete, certified Sports Nutritionist + personal trainer with 7 years of in-depth experience in the fitness industry. I began my fitness journey on January 7, 2013, training myself for my first bikini contest in which I earned 1st place just 6 months later. By August 2014, I earned my IDFA Fitness Model Pro Card and then decided to transition into the CBBF/NPC league in order to compete for an IFBB Bikini Pro Card. 7 years and 10 contests later, I have learned a TON about training, supplementation and nutrition and I am super passionate about sharing my knowledge with others! Don't forget to browse the shop for my latest fitness eBooks and if you're looking for a custom training and/or nutrition program, please contact me via the "Let's Connect" section of my page.