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I help women get fit + become the strongest versions of themselves.


Compassion, support, knowledge and confidence. Those words are only the beginning of the way I would describe coach (Aisha). I am a retired high-performance athlete and Aisha so far, is the only coach to ever push me to my fullest and strongest ability. Her positivity, time and knowledge is absolutely unbelievable and precious. In the 15 weeks she has been my coach, I've lost 30lbs, countless clothing sizes and gained a countless amount of gratitude and self-confidence. If you want a coach who will show you that your dreams are not only dreams but your future reality... Aisha is it for you. Aisha is not only my coach, but I consider her one of my tribe.

Dani (transformation client, lost 30lbs... and counting!)

Thank you coach AishaFit! I could not have done this without you. You gave me the confidence and drive that I can now apply to many other aspects of my life. I'm so glad to have met you and I can't wait until the next comp!

Holland (contest prep client- 1st place, bikini category)

At the end of the day, coach AishaFit keeps me on track, checks in on me and inspires me to be the person I can be, and supports me 110% - so thank you for being the best coach I could ask for!

Kiera (transformation client- lost 40lb!)

Working with Aisha was an absolute DREAM! Her knowledge of fitness, supplements, and nutrition is incredible. She doesn't sugar coat anything and she consistently pushes her clients to be their best. If you're looking for real, authentic coaching from someone who will put their all into you, Aisha is the one.

Matthew (Still Water Alchemy)

I made the decision to take my life back on October 6, 2019. It was on this day I chose Aisha as my coach to help me do so. I can honestly say without hesitation - Best. Decision. Ever.  Aisha is a wicked mentor and coach. She will inspire you to get your ass out of bed and do the work. She will make every attempt to ensure you are staying on track and she will always respond to you no matter what. I simply followed the program she provided which is well-laid-out and easy-to-follow. As long as you do the work, you will see results. I have lost 27lbs to date in 13 weeks. Aisha is knowledgeable, she knows her sh*t and she will never make you feel "less than" for not knowing the ins and outs of nutrition and fitness. She is encouraging and she genuinely loves and believes in what she does. She helps you make your magic happen and is the real deal.

Rosie (client since Oct 2019)

Certified by the ISSA